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Here it is, folks. The March issue is now available online (click the cover below) and in print all over Daegu. Visit our locations page to see where you can pick up a hard copy for yourself.

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You’re only a couple of days away from having a brand new [b]racket magazine in your hands! Can’t hardly wait? Then give yourself a sneak peek of one of March’s featured artists.


Two of Choi Yoon Kyeong’s meticulously constructed installation pieces are currently on display in Beomeo Art Street. While we will feature photographs of Choi Yoon’s work in our March issue, you owe it to yourself to see the impressive installations in person. Hop off the train at Beomeo on the green line, head towards exit 8, and check out Space 2.

In other [b]racket artist news, our current Gallery [t.] artist Aoife Casey has been spotlighted at culturemmag.com (the visual news partner of The Korea Times). Take a look at the large selection of photos from The Natural Beauty Project Seoul 2013, Aoife’s most talked about work in Korea.

The collection features black and white portraits of Korean women who have had no plastic surgery to date. Aoife brings up issues surrounding beauty ideals in Korean culture with this body of work while also celebrating the unique natural beauty of each individual subject.

Along with making [b]racket each month, we’ve been working hard on a little something behind the scenes and are looking forward to unveiling it very soon. So keep your eyes peeled on facebook for [b]racket news!

– Lisa Highfill

Did you know there’s an art gallery inside Youngsan Station on the green subway line? If so, I’d like to congratulate you on being a pretty observant person. Even though Metro Gallery is a reasonably large space inside the station, it’s very easy to pass by if you’re not looking for it. Maybe that’s because when you’re there you know that Homeplus is so close by and the only thing you’ve got on your mind is food? Don’t worry, no one’s judging.

Now that you know about it, go check it out! Metro Gallery is currently exhibiting paintings from various artists. Future events at Metro Gallery include an exhibition of interactive light art which will begin on April 1st and run until the end of August.

Metro Gallery isn’t Daegu’s only subway station gallery with art always on display. We’ve previously blogged about the many underground gallery spaces at Beomeo Art Street which is also located on the green line, just inside Beomeo station.

While these spaces could be nice for a quick stop between where you are and where you need to be, they’re well worth a trip of their very own.

To get to Metro Gallery: Get off the train at the Youngsan subway stop, walk upstairs towards the exits and follow the signs for Metro Gallery. The posted hours of operation are 11AM-8PM.

Have you discovered more Daegu subway galleries that others may be missing? If so, let us know in the comments so we can check them out!

-Lisa Highfill

aoife photoThis weekend is shaping up to be a memorable one for art and music lovers in Daegu.

This Saturday, February 15th, come out to Gallery [t.] where we will be holding a reception to spotlight Irish photographer and November 2013 [b]racket artist Aoife Casey. Selections from Aoife’s collection The Natural Beauty Project Seoul 2013, as well as other recent works from the artist (see above) will be on display and available for purchase from February 15th to May 8th.

This will be Aoife’s first time in Daegu, and we couldn’t be happier to have her! Come give her a warm welcome and start your Saturday night right at Gallery [t.] with some coffee, art, and conversation.

hakobuneSunday will bring you downtown again, this time to Social Market where Japanese ambient artists Hakobune and Haruhisa Tanaka will be stopping by for the Daegu leg of their Korean tour. Check out the facebook event to read more about their individual musical styles. Tickets are 20,000 at the door and well worth the price.

Don’t remember how to get to Gallery [t.] or Social Market? Check out the maps below.

See you all out and about this weekend!

Gallery [t.] presents Aoife Casey
February 15th @ 7PM

Hakobune/Haruhisa Tanaka
February 16th @ 7PM
Social Market

-Lisa Highfill

Moments Watches King SejongMatt Ferguson’s art caught our attention back in 2012; so much so that we decided to make it our cover art for the very first issue of [b]racket. Since then, Matt has moved from Korea, but his collaboration with Moment Watches suggests that his time in the ROK made a lasting impression. His unique and simplistic watch design depicts King Sejong, the beloved Korean historical figure responsible for the creation of Hangul, with a tear running down his face.

Matt created this work to illustrate that while Korea’s hasty rise in industry and economic power have proven fruitful for the nation, it has come at a cost to the country’s traditional culture and values. He believes that King Sejong might be happy to see Korea as successful as it has become. However, he might also be saddened by what it took out of the Korean people and environment to get here. Matt’s work is a reminder of the line that Korea walks between their love of tradition, and their drive to be a leader in the modern global economy.

While it might be a somewhat serious message, it’s a seriously awesome-looking watch. Click here to check out the timepiece that serves as Week 12 for Moment Watches’ “Year of 52 Moments” campaign.

Sidenote: If you were planning on coming to Gallery [t.] this Saturday, Aoife Casey’s reception has been postponed until February 15th. So we’ll see you all NEXT weekend!

– Lisa Highfill