Art Fix: Ohmygod SHOES

Seriously, guys. Shoes. Awesome shoes. Kris Kotcher, street name FRENEMY, teamed up with Converse Korea back in March to be part of a collaboration with two other Seoul based artists, Chu Mirim and Kimm Kijo. Each artist created 3 new designs just for Converse. Kotcher’s designs are titled Eat The Beat, Graffiti Monster, and Think Outside the Box.

IMG_1280 IMG_1282

Eat the Beat                                                                       Graffiti Monster


Think Outside the Box

Having grown up wearing Converse sneakers, Kotcher wanted to include elements of all the things he’d done while wearing them into his designs. Eat the Beat was inspired by years spent singing in a hardcore band and touring. Skateboarding, graffiti, and street art are big parts of the other two designs – Graffiti Monster and Think Outside the Box. In Think Outside the Box, Kotcher also wanted to include visuals representing his mental process  while making artwork – how he’s always trying to push his imagination as far as it can go.

 A pair of these snazzy sneakers were even worn by K-pop star IU on her tv show You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin. She opted for Graffiti Monster on white. Rather than just gazing at them on the feet of the rich and famous, you can purchase a pair of these wicked kicks too. If you’re jonesin’ – they are still available at the Myeongdong Converse store in Seoul.


Want to know more about FRENEMY? Check out his website: and the promo video for the collaboration. Or, here’s an awesome interview done by Victoria Phillips at AWEH.

~ Kita Mendolia

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