Oh, The Places [b] Will Go

The weekend of June 22nd and 23rd found our editor Jess Hinshaw and designer Christopher Cote up in Seoul for the 2013 Seoul International Book Fair. Invited by Graphic Magazine of Propaganda Press in Seoul, [b]racket’s three most recent issues were exhibited in the Independently Published Books and Magazines section of the fair at COEX.

We all thought it was pretty cool that Hye Song at Graphic Magazine saw a copy of [b]racket on a coffee table at her Seoul office. How did it get there? We dunno. But we’re sure glad it did. Seriously. Shout out to Hye Song for picking up that issue and thinking it was good enough to be in the International Book Fair. We’re totally psyched to have been invited. And thank you to whomever brought their copy of [b]racket to that office. *High five*

So, rad readers, take your [b]racket with you and share. Spread art, spread beauty, spread words. Spread awesome.

~ Kita Mendolia

International Book Fair - [b]racket

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