Having A Conversation With A Wall

If you happen to be in Seoul at all this November, head down to the bar Chez Robert in Hongdae. Grab a drink and stare at the wall. The thing is, the piece of wall you’re staring at will probably not be the same as the piece of wall it’s hanging on. No, you haven’t had too many, nor are you in the twilight zone. The multilayered wall you’re staring at, potentially causing a serious contemplation of solipsism, is part of Giho Lee’s Having A Conversation With A Wall. Featured in [b]racket’s November 2012 issue, Lee’s work continues to study the idea of communication, this time, asking the viewer, “What if walls could talk, what do you think they’d say?” Head over and take a look. See what the walls say to you.

~ Kita Mendolia


1 comment
  1. Giho Lee said:

    THANK YOU for introducing my show. I tried to join facebook to share this page but didn’t finish. I found there are no friends to share in facebook since I began to have a conversation with a wall this year.

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