Holy Awesomely Designed Pieces of Daily Life, Batman!

World Design Week3

I walked into the Daegu Design Center’s World Design Week exhibition, and the first words that popped out of my mouth were, “This is so COOL!” Everything is eye-catching. The exhibit is a playful combination of art designed to be functional, functional things given an artistic edge, and whimsical recreations of the stuff of life. The three main exhibits focused on Design for Communication, Design and Art, and Design for the Earth. Mobiles of cellphones hung from the lofty ceiling. Chairs cushioned with dissolvable packing peanuts looked incredibly comfy (as long as you don’t plan on spilling any tea). And I am definitely going to get my hands on one of Samsung’s Origami printers, which is made from a cardboard box. Or, at least I will as soon as they’re put into production. 

World Design Week2

It’s great to see an artistic line added to all those things that we use every day – cellphone cases, socks, bags, blankets, flashlights, tape. The exhibit runs through the first 5 floors of the Design Center. Each landing has a smaller exhibit as well, dedicated to a specific company or a specific concept. I think my favorite pieces were on the landing just before the 5th floor. Furniture covers of off-white canvas had been printed with blue sketches of the object underneath. The lines of the sketches were bold and a little messy, like a simple crayon drawing of a couch covering an actual couch. Not necessarily cozy, but laughably delightful.

The whole show is just a feast for the eyes. So many textures and colors infusing mundane objects with art. Go see it! World Design Week in Daegu 2013 runs until Sunday, November 24th from 9:30 am to 11 pm. And it’s FREE, so go. The Daegu Design Center is located just north of MBC interesection. The bus stop is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The 303 and 814 stop there. Here’s a map.

World Design Week1


~ Kita Mendolia


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