A Taste Of Things To Come

You’re only a couple of days away from having a brand new [b]racket magazine in your hands! Can’t hardly wait? Then give yourself a sneak peek of one of March’s featured artists.


Two of Choi Yoon Kyeong’s meticulously constructed installation pieces are currently on display in Beomeo Art Street. While we will feature photographs of Choi Yoon’s work in our March issue, you owe it to yourself to see the impressive installations in person. Hop off the train at Beomeo on the green line, head towards exit 8, and check out Space 2.

In other [b]racket artist news, our current Gallery [t.] artist Aoife Casey has been spotlighted at culturemmag.com (the visual news partner of The Korea Times). Take a look at the large selection of photos from The Natural Beauty Project Seoul 2013, Aoife’s most talked about work in Korea.

The collection features black and white portraits of Korean women who have had no plastic surgery to date. Aoife brings up issues surrounding beauty ideals in Korean culture with this body of work while also celebrating the unique natural beauty of each individual subject.

Along with making [b]racket each month, we’ve been working hard on a little something behind the scenes and are looking forward to unveiling it very soon. So keep your eyes peeled on facebook for [b]racket news!

– Lisa Highfill

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