This Weekend

aoife photoThis weekend is shaping up to be a memorable one for art and music lovers in Daegu.

This Saturday, February 15th, come out to Gallery [t.] where we will be holding a reception to spotlight Irish photographer and November 2013 [b]racket artist Aoife Casey. Selections from Aoife’s collection The Natural Beauty Project Seoul 2013, as well as other recent works from the artist (see above) will be on display and available for purchase from February 15th to May 8th.

This will be Aoife’s first time in Daegu, and we couldn’t be happier to have her! Come give her a warm welcome and start your Saturday night right at Gallery [t.] with some coffee, art, and conversation.

hakobuneSunday will bring you downtown again, this time to Social Market where Japanese ambient artists Hakobune and Haruhisa Tanaka will be stopping by for the Daegu leg of their Korean tour. Check out the facebook event to read more about their individual musical styles. Tickets are 20,000 at the door and well worth the price.

Don’t remember how to get to Gallery [t.] or Social Market? Check out the maps below.

See you all out and about this weekend!

Gallery [t.] presents Aoife Casey
February 15th @ 7PM

Hakobune/Haruhisa Tanaka
February 16th @ 7PM
Social Market

-Lisa Highfill



Downstairs feels like the bar in your friend’s basement–but not in a sad, moldy way. Let’s imagine that your friend has great taste and is also a skilled carpenter who handsomely remodeled the entire space with dark woods and installed the closest thing to a fireplace you’re going to find in Korea. Let’s also imagine that your friend has more than Hite and stale bar snacks to offer you. This friend is sounding more like a friend I want to have.


On any given night Downstairs could be packed with foreign teachers and Keimyoung University students, or a respite from the work week for a couple of regulars posted at the bar, chatting with the bartender, and inviting you to have a seat. The mood is relaxed and the place feels homier than any other bar I’ve been to in Daegu. NFL flags hang from the ceiling, but Downstairs is only a sports bar if there is a crowd large enough who want it to be. It’s the place that will play the song you want to hear. It’s the bar that mixes you that one cocktail that you like and cannot for the life of you get any other bartender in Daegu to make because it’s not on the menu.

This weekend, take a break from downtown and head to Keimyung on Deagu’s west side. Follow the blue light down the stairs from the street and a stack of [b]racket magazines will greet you at the door. Pick one up, order a drink, and feel good about supporting an awesome business that supports the [b]racket mag you love.

Downstairs is open Tuesday thru Sunday from whenever you get off work until whenever things get quiet. That tends to usually be 7PM-3AM.

If you are walking from Keimyung University’s East Gate, cross the street and head west (away from campus). Walk half a block and take a right at the NH bank on the corner. Take your first left, and Downstairs will be the second stairway on your left.

– Lisa Highfill

Daegu Art Factory’s current exhibit, Better Than Universe, focuses on future-oriented art. I was able to check it out yesterday during a couple of free hours before work and I am planning to go back again.

Guys, you gotta go.

ÃÖÁ¾Æ÷½ºÅÍThis exhibition is chock full of talented artists who are truly pioneers in using new technologies as modes of artistic expression.

The whole exhibit is philosophical, technical, emotional, and surprising. A large number of the installations are interactive such as Kim Heesung’s voyaristic look through the uniform apartment windows of Korea. A personal favorite of mine is Hyunwoo Bang and Yoonsil Heo’s (an artistic team who calls themselves ‘everyware’) technologically impressive piece, LEVITATE. I still don’t fully understand how it works and I like it that way.

Yeondoo Jung’s (we just can’t get enough of him, can we?) Handmade Memories video installation is perfectly placed in the exhibit and is something you will want to watch from start to finish.

There are too many great pieces to mention, and I don’t want to ruin all of the great surprises. It’s FREE and it ends on December 15th, so get to Daegu Art Factory this weekend to ponder the universe.

How to get there:
daegu_art_factory map– Lisa Highfill