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Starting this Friday, Daegu will be hosting it’s 14th annual Independent Short Film Festival. The short film Alone by Matt Root, who was featured in our March 2013 issue, will be showing on September 1st at 4:50 and on September 3rd at 2:40.

Having been able to see the film earlier this year, I can tell you that Alone is riveting. It is a heart-wrenching story of an American expat – Gary – whose life seems to be crushingly mundane. But, behind closed doors, he is consumed with regret over something in his past. Now hooked on anti-depressants, which only somewhat subdue his emotional instability, Gary’s mind begins to take over his reality. Dreams? Hallucinations? You be the judge. This short is definitely worth the price of admission.

Tickets are 5,000 won and can be purchased at the door.

Websites worth looking at:

The Facebook page for Alone

The DIFF website (Korean Only)

The English Touch Daegu blog post on DIFF

Map to screening locations:

14th_poster disff~ Kita Mendolia



Lordy, this is some weather we’re having. Kinda makes you want to hide away in air conditioned bliss until it blows through, doesn’t it. Well, luckily for those of us that live in Daegu, Beomeo Art Street is the perfect for just that. The underground gallery spaces are directly connected to the entrance of the Beomeo subway stop on the Green Line.

What’s even more awesome about wandering this long hall of art?Close to exit 8, you’ll find Project B Gallery in Studio 3. Their current show – 2013 Water color – Colorful Daegu – exhibits work from five [b]racket artists. Brandon Inman and Craig Mason were both featured in the November 2012 issue, and Kim Nam Jin and Ryu Eun Ji were both featured in the January 2013 issue. The fifth artist is none other than [b]racket’s very own Editor in Chief Jess Hinshaw.

The gallery hours are Tuesday – Sunday, 11am-7pm. But, if you can’t make it during those times, never fear. The exhibit is laid out in an awesomely accessible way. Inman, Mason, and Pak’s pieces are on the walls of the art street opposite Project B Gallery. The show itself is full of color and lightness, a visual fresh breeze during this stifling heat. With a good balance of whimsical and contemplative art, there is something for every kind of art viewer.

If you can read Korean, there is a Beomeo Art Street website. If not, have a mini-adventure. Take the subway to Beomeo and see some art.

~ Kita Mendolia

Hey [b]racket chums. This week’s post will be delayed by one day due to the drone of sewing machines in the background demanding my presence. Costumes for the Daegu Theatre Troupe’s production of The Princess Bride are in need of finishing. Opening show is Saturday evening at 5pm. Check out this post for details, and you can purchase your tickets online here.

~ Kita Mendolia

Two little nuggets of art news this week:

First, Kevin Kilgore – an cartoonist in our upcoming September issue – is now being published weekly in the Korea Times and the Chosun Ilbo. Don’t get the newspaper? S’cool. Check out his work on his site: DDONGMAN.

Second, while wandering the downtown of Daegu on this lovely Thursday off (if you’re lucky enough to get it), stop by Coffee Basket. A cozy little cafe right next to where McGuire’s *used* to be, Coffee Basket is a great place to pop in for a quick, icy latte and a dose of art. The current artist showing is Lee Min-Ju. Her work is colorful and fresh, just what the eyes need in this blistering heat. Here’s a map just to help you out.

~ Kita Mendolia

The Daegu Theatre Troupe is at it again, and this time they’ve got Kita Mendolia, [b]racket’s Digital Editor, as Princess Buttercup In The Princess Bride. It’s simple, go. The Princess Bride is one of the best stories of all time, it’s got swords and all sorts of good stuff. Recently The Daegu Compass did a piece on the upcoming show. Check out page 52 of the digital copy for a brief description of what The Daegu Theatre Troupe is up to.

Buy your tickets for ₩10,000 here.